How to Convert a String in Lowercase in Golang?

In golang, you can convert strings into lower case by using the ToLower() function from the string package. It accepts strings as an argument and converts into lower case.

How to Convert a String in Uppercase in Golang?

Golang provides a ToUpper() function that converts strings into uppercase.

How to Convert Float to Integer in Golang?

In the Go programming language, you can convert a float value into an integer through the int() function.

How to Concatenate Strings in Golang?

You can concatenate two or more strings by using the plus operator in Golang.

How to Convert String into Integer in Golang?

To convert a string value into an integer, you need Atoi() function from strconv package. It takes the value as an argument and converts it into an integer.

External API Request using Golang HTTP Client

Learn how to make external API requests in Golang using HTTP client in a simple way. We will be using struct, Golang’s packages, and endpoint.