JavaScript programming language mostly used for creating web pages along with HTML and CSS. It is also called a short name that is JS. It was created by an American programmer Brendan Eich in 1997.

How to use Ternary Operator in JavaScript?

A shortened version of the condition statement is called the ternary operator. Ternary operators can be simple or nested.

How does the replace() Method Work in JavaScript?

JavaScript replace() inline method accepts two parameters, the first parameter can be a string value or a regular expression.

How to Convert Float to Integer in JavaScript?

In JavaScript, the built-in function parseInt() converts float or string value into an integer. To begin with, let’s create a variable and assign a float value to it.

How to Convert String into Integer in JavaScript?

To convert a string value into an integer we can use the parseInt() function in JavaScript. It accepts two parameters in which the first is required and the second is optional.

How do you Comment Code in JavaScript?

we can use the JavaScript comments for hints, explanations, and steps of logic, or prevent the specific code section to execute with single-line comments or multiline- comments all of the commented code will be ignored by the browsers.

Difference Between map() and forEach() Methods in JavaScript?

The map() method returns a new transformed array while the forEach() method returns undefined. The map() method has the ability to chain other methods but forEach() method can’t be chained with other methods.

Array Methods in JavaScript

In an array, we are allowed to store multiple values or data items. For example, we have a list of names like “Apple, Banana, Grapes, Mango” etc.

How to use filter() Method in JavaScript?

In JavaScript, the filter() method iterates over the values in an array and returns a new array that passes the defined conditions in the method.

What is the parseInt() Method in JavaScript?

The parseInt() is a function that converts a string to an integer. An integer is a numeric digit without a comma or dot.

Day.js Advantages and Installation Steps

Day.js is a lightweight JavaScript library that deals with dates in an easy way. It has functions to parse, manipulate and validate both date and time. Day.js uses the same API that moment.js uses.

Why should you use Day.js instead of Moment.js?

comparatively, Day.js’s usage will be going up because according to moment.js officials they won’t be adding any new feature to the library. They also recommended Day.js as an alternative on their project status page.

What is Hoisting in JavaScript?

In JavaScript, a mechanism that moves function and variable declarations to the top scope is called Hoisting. It is JavaScript default behavior in which we can use variables before declaring.

How to Create Getters and Setters in JavaScript?

In JavaScript, we can create functions with get and set keywords which allow us to get or change the data within an object.

How to Concatenate Strings using concat() in JavaScript?

The concat() function accepts the list of strings and returns the combined string in the result.

JavaScript Arithmetic Operator

Arithmetic operation contains values and symbols to get the result. These values are called operands and the symbol is called an operator which is also known as an arithmetic operator.

What are JavaScript Objects, Properties, and Methods?

Objects are used to store multiple values. Commonly, an object contains properties and methods. Objects are the same as variables. Usually, the variable stores a single value while the object stores multiple values.

What is let keyword in JavaScript and How to Use it?

The let keyword is one of them that works in the scope block. Scope block means if you declare a variable inside curly braces { } then it would not work outside the block.

How to Make an Ajax Call Using the jQuery Ajax Method?

JavaScript’s popular library jQuery provides ajax() method which sends asynchronous requests. It is a very popular and well reputed method.

How to Sum, Filter, and Shuffle array values in JavaScript?

In this article, we showed easy tricks for arrays that help to get the task done in a simple way.

Save Your Time To Type Console in JavaScript

Every JavaScript developer have to debug the code and logging message in browser debugging console, this is a very basic way to test the code

How to Remove an Item From Array in JavaScript?

In the current version of JavaScript, there are multiple ways to remove an item from an array in JavaScript.

Easiest Way To Loop Through an Array in JavaScript

There are multiple ways to loop through an array in Javascript. It has forEach, for, and map built-in functions that are most recommended.