Next.js is a react framework that uses to build simple and complex web applications. Web applications that are built with next.js are faster and more user-friendly.

Pre-Rendering in Next.js

Next.js generates HTML on the server along with content and sends it to the browser that renders for the user is called pre-rendering.

How to use State Management in Next JS Framework?

State management plays a very important role in building modern web apps. State management helps to make decisions to show the data on screen and in session during the application usage.

How to Setup and Install a Next.js 12 App on Windows 10?

Next.js is a JavaScript framework that creates search engine optimized, server-side rendering, and fast react apps with zero configuration.

Next.JS Features and its Benefits

Next is a framework of React for production. It is provides great features and the best developer experience you need for your business platform.

How to use the Next Link Component in Next.js?

Next.js provides a next link component that links the pages internally without reloading the pages. Next.js also supports anchor tags.