How to Convert Float to Integer in PHP?

There are two available ways in PHP for converting float value into integer, in which first is the intval() function and (int). Let’s create a variable for juice price and assign float value to it.

$juicePrice = 4.50;
echo $juicePrice;
// Output: 4.5

To make sure if the $juicePrice variable data type is float, we can check its type through the var_dump() function.

// check type of $juicePrice
// Output: float(4.5)

The var_dump() function returns the float data type of juice variable. In the next step, we need to convert it into integer, to do that we can use casting.

So create a new variable $convertIntoInteger, then assign it to the previously created variable $juicePrice along with (int) that converts the data type.

$convertIntoInteger = (int)$juicePrice;
echo $convertIntoInteger;
// Output: 4

Here the (int) converts the $juicePrice value into an integer which is assigned to the $convertIntoInteger. It can be converted through intval() function too. Below is an example,

$convertIntoInteger = intval($juicePrice);
echo $convertIntoInteger;
// Output: 4

So we have converted the integer value in $convertIntoInteger, we can make sure by passing as argument into var_dump() function. Below is an example,

// check type of $convertIntoInteger
// Output: int(4)


This article demonstrates conversion of float values into integers in PHP. In this article we have used (int) and intval() functions for converting float value into integer.

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