PHP str_starts_with() Function

The str_starts_with() function checks if the string starts with the provided string, in other words we can say it checks if a sentence or phrase starts with a specific word or an alphabet letter.

In this article we will be learning with a few examples. To begin with, we created a string that starts with “the” and ends with  “Lerdorf.”.

$response = str_starts_with("The founder of PHP is Rasmus Lerdorf.", "The");
// Output: bool(true)

In this example, two string based arguments have passed into str_starts_with() function to check if the second string exists in the first. In the output, the function returned true because the second string “The” exists in the first string.

The str_starts_with() function also checks sensitivity of alphabetic letters. To understand it, let’s convert the capital letter of “The” into a small letter.

$response = str_starts_with("The founder of PHP is Rasmus Lerdorf", "the");
// Output: bool(false)

In this case, the str_starts_with() returned false. It is because the first string doesn’t start with a small alphabetic letter. That’s in the output we got false with Boolean data type.

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