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How to Concatenate Two Strings in PHP?

The concatenation operator (‘.’) is mostly used in PHP to concatenate the strings. We can concatenate any kind of value through the operator.

Count Words in String using str_word_count() function in PHP

The str_word_count() function counts the word of the provided string and returns the result in an integer.

How to Find the Length of String in PHP?

The strlen() function is used to find the length of a string PHP. It takes a string as a parameter and returns the length in an integer.

How to Find Length of String in JavaScript?

In JavaScript we can find the length of string through the length property. You can attach the length property directly with a string to find the length.

How To Add an Item to a List in Python?

To add an item into a list you can use the append() method that pushes the item into the list. It has one required parameter which can be a string, a number or an object.

Pythons find() Method: How to Search for Substrings within a String?

The find() method finds the specified word or substring into a string and returns the index of its first character. In case if it doesn’t find the substring then it returns -1

Check if String Ends with Specified Substring using endswith() Method in Python

The endswith() method checks if the string ends with a specified substring. The endswith() function has three parameters in which the first is mandatory and two are optional.

Convert Strings into Lowercase in Python

Python has two built-in methods that convert capitalized alphabetic letters into lower case which are casefold() and lower().

Convert First Character of String into Uppercase in Python

You can convert the first character into uppercase through capitalize() method.

How to Convert a String in Lowercase in Golang?

In golang, you can convert strings into lower case by using the ToLower() function from the string package. It accepts strings as an argument and converts into lower case.

How to Convert a String in Uppercase in Golang?

Golang provides a ToUpper() function that converts strings into uppercase.

PHP str_contains() Function

The str_contains() function helps to search the string into another, or for easy understanding, it searches a word, letter or phrase in the sentence.

How To Convert String Into Integer In Flutter?

In flutter, you can convert the string data type into an integer through int.parse() method. It accepts a string as an argument and converts it into an integer.

How to Convert String into Integer in Python?

You can use Python’s built-in int() function to convert the string into an integer. It accepts two parameters which first is required and the second is optional.

How to Convert String into Integer in PHP?

A string value can be converted into an integer value through type casting or intval() function in PHP.

How to Convert Date String to Different Format in Python?

To convert a date string into a different format, first, you need to convert it into a datetime object through strptime() function.

How to Concatenate Strings and Variables in Python?

In python, the ‘+’ operator is used to concatenate two strings. Let’s Suppose, to concatenate “Hello” and “World”, you need to use the ‘+’ operator in between.