Types of PHP Errors

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We make mistakes during software development by using different programming languages. An error is a type of mistake. PHP is a server-side scripting language, which is mostly used for web development. A PHP Error occurs when something is wrong in the PHP code. Understanding these errors is very important for PHP developers. An error is a type of mistake. There are several types of Errors in PHP. let’s try to understand in detail about errors in PHP.

Types of Errors in PHP:

In PHP, we experience four types of errors which are given below:

  1. Parse Error (Syntax Error)
  2. Fatal Error
  3. Warning Error
  4. Notice Error

01. Parse Error or Syntax Error:

Parse errors can occur due to issues such as unclosed quotes, missing or extra parentheses, unclosed braces, or missing semicolons, among others.

In the below example, we have a script that has a missing semicolon at the end of the Tokyo city string.

echo "New York City"; 
echo "Tokyo" 
echo "Paris"; 
// output : ERROR! Parse error: syntax error, unexpected token "echo", expecting "," or ";" in cities.php on line 4

We missed the semicolon in the second line after the string that contains “Tokyo” in the code. When these types of mistakes happen, there will be a parse or syntax error.

02. Fatal Errors:

It is the type of error where PHP understands the code but recognizes an undefined function. This error occurs when we try to call a function that has not been defined.

Fatal errors stop the execution of the script. If you are trying to access the undefined functions, then the output is a fatal error.

function studentName1()
return "John Smith";

// output : ERROR! Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function fun2() in animalName.php:6 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in animalName.php on line 6

In this example, we defined a function `studentName1()` that returns that student’s name. But we are calling it by the incorrect name `studentName2()`. Since studentName2() is not defined in the code that’s why PHP returns a fatal error.

03. Warning Errors:

Warning errors will not stop the script. The main reason for warning errors is to include a missing file or use the incorrect number of parameters in a function.

echo "Learn programming with CoderAdvise";
include ("product_listing.php");

// output : Warning Error!!Warning: include(product_listing.php): Failed to open stream: No such file or directory in xyz.php on line 3.

In the above example of code, we are trying to include a file whose name is product_listing into xyz.php. However, the product_listing.php file does not exist in the directory. That’s why PHP is returning a warning error.

04. Notice Errors:

The Notice Error is almost the same as a Warning Error. Notice error comes we called an undefined variable. When we call an undefined variable we will see a notice errors in PHP.

$a = "John Smith";
echo "Notice Error !!";
echo $b;

// output : Warning: Undefined variable $b in personName.php on line 4

In this example, we just defined $a, but we are calling $b, which is not defined. That’s why Notice Errors is produced.

PHP Notice Errors


In this article, we define the PHP error types in detail along with examples. Also, this article explains when these errors come up in our web application.

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