How to Create Single File Component using Template Syntax?

Create a file in the source (SRC) directory with .vue and open it in the HTML editor.

What are Event Modifiers in Vue.js?

Event handling is an important aspect of building a dynamic website for every front-end developer. Event handlers verify user actions, user input, and browser actions.

How to Create the First Page in Vue.js?

To create your own page, add a new file in the SRC directory, HomePage.vue. The file name should follow the pascal naming convention.

How to include Vue.js in HTML Document Through CDN?

There are two ways to install Vue.js, one is installed through npm commands, and the second is through CDN. Installing Vue.js through CDN is simple and easy.

How to Set Up Vue.js Application on Windows?

Learn how to set up Vue.js on your operating systems like Mac, Linus, or Windows. To set up vue.js, we need to install node.js. So go to the node.js website and download the installer file that suits your operating system

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is an open-source and progressive JavaScript framework that helps to create modern web interfaces. It has a few libraries that provide ease in creating complex and simple features.

How to make Vue.js (AOS) Animation for Web Pages?

Animation on the page means creating interactivity on a web page to keep users engaged in a web application rather than just a static page. It keeps visitors more engaged with the features of the website.