Convert Strings into Lowercase in Python

Python has two built-in methods that convert capitalized alphabetic letters into lower case which are following,

  1. casefold() Method
  2. lower() Method

These methods access through dot notation which means in order to convert string into lowercase first a string has to store into variable.

1. casefold() Method

To use the casefold() method, let’s assign a string that contains uppercase letters to favoriteProgramming variable and convert it into lowercase.

favoriteProgramming = "I Like Python Programming Language."
convertedString = favoriteProgramming.casefold()

In this example, the string is stored into a variable that is favoriteProgramming. In the second line the casefold() method is attached with favoriteProgramming that converts the string into lowercase.

# OutPut: i like python programming language.

In the output the script returns a converted string that is lowercase.

2. lower() Method

The lower() method is similar to the casefold() method and it works in the same way as casefold(). Let’s look at the code below that is using the lower() method to convert the string into lowercase.

bestLanguage = "Python Is BEST One."
convertedString = bestLanguage.lower()

In this example, the bestLanguage variable stored a string that contains uppercase letters. In the second line of above script we attached lower() method with bestLanguage variable for converting the string into lowercase.

# Output: python is best one.

As above, we got a lowercase string in the output which is converted by lower() method.

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