How To Convert String Into Integer In Flutter?

Last updated on February 21, 2023

In flutter, you can convert the string data type into an integer through int.parse() method. It accepts a string as an argument and converts it into an integer. In this article, we will learn it by an example. Initialize a variable with a string value with the var keyword.

var cricketPlayers = "11";

Before type casting, let’s check the current value and data type. You can check the data type of a variable through runtimeType property that finds the data type.

// Output: 11
// Output: String

Above we printed the stored value and its data type which is a string. Now we need to convert it into an integer through the int.parse() method. Pass the cricketPlayers variable into int.parse() method and assign it to a new variable. In this way, the new variable will be storing the int.parse() result.

// convert string into an integer
var convertIntoInteger = int.parse(cricketPlayers);

Above, the convertIntoInteger variable stores returned value from int.parse() method. Let’s check if the data type is converted.

// Output: 11
// Output: int

As you can see, the output is int which proves that the variable value is converted into an integer.


To convert a string value into an integer you can use int.parse() method that accepts string value and converts it into an integer.

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