How to Convert One Date Format into Another in PHP?

We can use PHP built-in function strtotime() and format() method from the DateTime class to convert the date format into another.

How do you get Business Days Count Between Two Dates in Python?

You need to use the date() class from the datetime module and busday_count() method from the numpy module to get business days count between two dates.

How to Count Weekend Days Between Two Dates in Laravel?

We can use carbon class to get the number of weekend days between two dates in the Laravel framework.

How to Change a Date Format in Python?

Learn to change the format of a given date in python. The datetime class accepts three parameters. First is the year, second is the month and third is the day.

How to Convert Date String to Different Format in Python?

To convert a date string into a different format, first, you need to convert it into a datetime object through strptime() function.

How to fetch Today’s Date Record in Laravel?

To fetch today’s record you need to use the whereDate() function in your query along with the now() method from the carbon class.