JavaScript programming language mostly used for creating web pages along with HTML and CSS. It is also called a short name that is JS. It was created by an American programmer Brendan Eich in 1997.

Logical Operators in JavaScript

Logical operators are primarily used in JavaScript to perform logical operations on boolean values, TRUE and FALSE.

What is a JavaScript typeof Operator?

In JavaScript, we can use the “typeof” operator to determine the data type of a value. The typeof operator helps you figure out what kind of data we’re working with.

What is an Assignment Operator in JavaScript?

In JavaScript, assignment operators are used to give values to variables, often with numbers.

JavaScript parseFloat() Method

The parseFloat() method converts the specified value into the floating-point number. It has a required parameter in which it accepts string values.

Get Query String Values from Current URL in JavaScript

To get query string values from the URL you need to use the URL interface that provides properties to read and modify the URL components.

How to use Switch Case in JavaScript?

Switch case compares (evaluates) the two values and runs the code in the scope. It works the same as the If and else condition.

JavaScript String toLowerCase() Method

In JavaScript, the toLowerCase() method converts the string into lowercase. It doesn’t accept any parameter and can be accessed through dot notation.

JavaScript String toUpperCase() Method

The toUpperCase() method converts the string into uppercase. For example, if the string is javascript then the toUpperCase() method would return JAVASCRIPT.

How to Push an Element into an Array in JavaScript?

The push() method pushes new elements into the array in JavaScript. It accepts multiple comma-separated values in parameters for pushing them into the array.

How to Find Length of String in JavaScript?

In JavaScript we can find the length of string through the length property. You can attach the length property directly with a string to find the length.

How to use Ternary Operator in JavaScript?

A shortened version of the condition statement is called the ternary operator. Ternary operators can be simple or nested.

How does the replace() Method Work in JavaScript?

The JavaScript built-in method replace() searches the specified string and returns a new string after replacing it. It accepts two parameters

How to Convert Float to Integer in JavaScript?

JavaScript’s built-in function parseInt() converts float value into an integer. It accepts float value in the first parameter and converts it.

How to Convert String into Integer in JavaScript?

To convert a string value into an integer we can use the parseInt() function in JavaScript. It accepts two parameters in which the first is required and the second is optional.

How do you Comment Code in JavaScript?

JavaScript allows you to write non-executable text called comments. The comments can be code explanations, instructions, logic steps.

How to access PHP variables in JavaScript using Laravel?

To access PHP variables into JavaScript in Laravel, you will need to pass data from the controller to view and then access through double curly braces.

How to Sum, Filter, and Shuffle array values in JavaScript?

In JavaScript, there are several ways to Sum, Filter and Shuffle the array values. But this article will cover some easiest of them.