Laravel is PHP based framework that helps in building large and small scale web applications. Its first release came out in 2011 and the current version is 9.

Display Time Format with AM and PM in Carbon using Laravel

To display time with AM and PM we can use the format() method with characters that display time accordingly.

How to Count Weekend Days Between Two Dates in Laravel?

We can use carbon class to get the number of weekend days between two dates in the Laravel framework.

How to Get .env Variables in Laravel?

To get all environment variables from the .env file in Laravel we can use the PHP super global variable $_ENV. It returns all environmental variables in array format.

How to Update Multiple Records in Laravel?

To update multiple records with the same data you need to use the whereIn() function along with the update() function in the Laravel framework.

How to fetch Today’s Date Record in Laravel?

To fetch today’s record you need to use the whereDate() function in your query along with the now() method from the carbon class.

How to Check if a Key Exists in a Collection in Laravel 9

In the Laravel framework, the collection class provides a has() method that checks if a key exists in the collection.

How to get Headers Data From Incoming Requests in Laravel?

Laravel provides great features that help us to create API. Headers are the part of the API that carries information from the user end to the framework.

How to Import Excel Files in Laravel 9?

Importing excel file data into the Laravel framework is easy with the maatwebsite/excel package. In the previous article, we learned about exporting data in excel files.

How to Export Data in an Excel File in Laravel 9?

Patrick Brouwers created a well-reputed package that imports and exports data in the Laravel framework. It has 49.4 million downloads at the time of writing this article which proves it

How to use Scoped filesystem driver in Laravel 9?

In the latest release of the Laravel framework (Laravel 9.30), Frank de Jonge added a scoped filesystem driver that helps to reuse the disk configurations.

How to install Laravel 9 with Vite?

A major change can be seen in Laravel version 9.19 which is Vite. The new build tool Vite is a replacement for the Laravel mix that compiles the bundles faster.

What is Carbon in Laravel and How to use it?

Carbon is a PHP-based package that deals with date and time. It has simplified how to get dates and times with the desired format.

What is Laravel Pint and How to Use it?

Pint is a Laravel package that fixes coding styles to make the code more readable for developers. It is a package that is included in Laravel 9.x.x and it is built on top of the PHP-CS-Fixer package.

How to Create a Custom Blade Directive in Laravel 9?

In the Laravel framework, directives simply run predefined PHP code in the way in blade files. In this article we have learned to create conditional and helper directives.

How to access PHP variables in JavaScript using Laravel?

To access PHP variables into JavaScript in Laravel, you will need to pass data from the controller to view and then access through double curly braces.

Store JSON Format Data in Database using Laravel

Storing JSON formatted data into a database can save you from a lot of coding. But sometimes it adds difficulties to extend the feature. It can be good if you want to just save and show the data.

How to Create Migration in the Laravel Framework?

Migration allows to create, update, and delete tables through the PHP class-based code and command. Migration class has two methods which are up and down.

How to Print the Last Executed Query or Query Log in Laravel 9?

Backend developers often face issues in the queries which bring them for debugging. In Laravel, you can get the last executed query through the getQueryLog() method after enabling the query log.

How to deploy Laravel 9 on VPS Plesk?

Learn to deploy Laravel 9 applications on VPS (Virtual Private Server) Plesk. Deploying the Laravel application on the server looks challenging but in reality, it is easy.

Laravel 9 Redirect With Messages and Errors

In programming, we redirect class to class and also method to method based on data or conditions.